Visual Arts Scholarship Instructions

Thea Foundation's 2023 Theme: Individual, and Beautiful


Signing up for the visual arts competition is a two step process. The first step is to Register and the second step is to Upload the photo of your entry. (see the two buttons at the end of this section.)

After Registering to Compete: The photo of your entry must be uploaded to the designated location (see link below) for Thea Foundation’s 2023 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition. A 2-D work should only be submitted with ONE photo for consideration. A 3-D work should be submitted with 2-3 photos for consideration. A short video may also be submitted in conjunction with photos for a 3-D work. All students are required to title their submitted file(s) with a particular format (see below).

One entry per student is accepted.

Judging Process

Your entry will be judged on the following criterion:

Artist Statement

A statement explaining your work and how it interprets the theme must be submitted with your online application.

Interpretation of Theme

Is the artwork consistent with the art contest theme? Does the project clearly represent the student’s interpretation of the theme to the viewer? The title and artist statement provided should be considered in making this judgment. This year’s theme is “Individual, and beautiful.”


Do the concepts/ideas/format of the artwork seem new and original?


How well does the work represent or deconstruct the medium to which it belongs? Please consider all elements of design including: composition, visual balance, color, finish, and overall impression.

Categories of Art


Printmaking – The process of making original prints by pressing an inked block or plate onto a receptive support surface, typically paper. Techniques include relief, intaglio, and planographic.

Photography – A 20th century medium by which the artist captures pictorial images on film or a digital sensor, to be later printed via darkroom or digital printer. Renderings of computer animation do not fall under this category.

Painting – The art of painting consists of the arrangement of shapes, lines, colors, tones and textures on a two-dimensional surface, thus creating an aesthetic image. Mediums of painting include encaustic, oil, acrylic, fresco, tempera, watercolors and gouache.

Drawing – Drawing may be defined as the linear realization of visual objects, concepts, and emotions, including symbols and even abstract forms. Mediums include pen and ink, charcoal, chalks, pastels, metalpoint, silverpoint, graphite point, colored crayons, as well as graver, burin or etching needle for incised types of drawing.

Mixed Media – A composition made up of a variety of assorted materials – typically, printed matter like newspaper clippings, photographs, pieces of graphic or digital art, oddments of textile or fabric, and perhaps solid objects – all glued to a sheet of paper or board or canvas.



Sculpture – Sculpture is a three-dimensional work of plastic art created either by (1) Carving – in stone, marble, wood, ivory, bone; (2) modeling – from wax or clay, after which it may be cast in bronze.

Ceramics – A type of plastic art, ceramics refers to items made from clay and baked in a kiln.

Assemblage / Appropriated – A contemporary form of sculpture, comparable to collage, in which a work of art is built up or “assembled” from 3-D materials – typically “found” objects.

Specifications of Entries


All works must be mounted. Canvas entries do not have to be matted and should not be framed.

Max image size is 18″ x 24″


Max size 3′ x 3′ x 3′ (max height not including pedestal height if used)

File Upload Requirements

The photos of art must be uploaded to the designated location for Thea Foundation’s 2022 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition. (See button below)


2D work should be submitted with ONE photo for consideration.


3D work should be submitted with 2-3 photos showing different angles for consideration. A short video may also be submitted in conjunction with photos for a 3-D entry.

Upload Your Entry and Headshot:

Deadline: November 1, 2023

2D Upload

You may upload 1 photo (make sure it is high res and a close-up)

e.g. File Name: entry.jpg


3D Upload

You may upload up to 3 photos (make sure it is high res and a close-up)

e.g. File Name Photo Entries:


You may upload 1 video (May be up to 1 min. in length)

e.g. Video File Name: or entry3dV1.mp4


Student Headshot Upload

A professional photo is not required

e.g. Headshot File Name: headshot.jpg

You MUST RegiSter & Upload
Deadline: November 1, 2023