Visual Arts – Jay Decker, Cabot

Cabot High School graduate Jay Decker earned second place in the visual arts category endowed by Windgate Foundation. An artist from a young age, Jay will use his artistic talents to pursue structural engineering at the University of Arkansas. 

“I have always been interested in visual arts. Ever since I was very young, I’ve been trying to sketch, draw, and paint the things that I see around me. It’s been a hobby of mine throughout my entire life, and it’s been one that I have been happy to develop the skills and knowledge for in order to improve and be able to express myself and my ideas in a way that I can be proud of.”

As an artist, Jay knew that his love for the arts might not be a direct career path, but that it would inspire the direction he took. He expressed that receiving a Thea Scholarship has been very impactful towards his college career and the opportunities it will provide. We look forward to seeing all that Jay accomplishes.