Creative Writing – Clarke Preston, North Little Rock

Clarke Preston, creative writing first place winner of the Betty Wilkenson endowed scholarship, will be attending Chapman University in Orange County, California this fall to pursue film production with the goal of displaying unique perspectives on the screen. 

“The arts have opened up a world full of color. I love sharing the stage with cast members, working behind the scenes on a film set, or simply listening to music. Art has given me so much purpose. I grew up surrounded by it. I listened to many old school songs with family members and we danced at backyard parties. Art connects individuals. I did not wake up thinking, “I want to be a cinematographer.” I explored various different aspects of art and I eventually fell in love with movies. I fell in love with the art of storytelling.”

After watching the film “Ladybird,” Clarke knew art would play a huge role in her future. She participated in musicals, dance competitions, and summer arts programs, eventually becoming Thespians President of Troupe 8707. Clarke’s choice to pursue film was validated when she won because of the award’s basis solely on her story and talent, and not test scores and grades. The future of storytelling looks bright with Clarke on the horizon.