Fashion Design Instruction


Competition – Online

Who May Compete

Thea’s Fashion Design Scholarship Competition is open to Arkansas high school and homeschooled seniors who are graduating in 2024. Students seeking their GEDs are also qualified.


“Individual, and beautiful”

Type of Fashion

Items can be clothing, accessories or complete outfits. We are >no longer</> requiring fashion design entries to be made of 75% recycled materials.


Participants are required to provide the following items as part of the judging process:

Essay: Describe in a written essay of 250 or fewer words the “why”, your inspiration, and the importance, of your participation in fashion design. (Question on online registration form)

Theme: “Individual, and beautiful.”: It is important that students consider this year’s theme when creating their work. Judges will consider the theme as part of their judging process.

Items to upload for the judges:

1. Mini-portfolio:

Create a mini-portfolio consisting of three to five sketches or cutouts; one of these must be the intended design to show. These sketches will be considered during the judging process. (The upload can be a photograph or pdf document) File name format: “Last Name”_”First Name”_portfolio.jpg (or .pdf)

Example Portfolio Upload File Name

Portfolio leopoulos.paul.portfolio.jpg (or .pdf)

2. Video of your entry:
  1. Video your entry from all angles (back – front – sides)
  2. Discuss your favorite part of the entry and the design process
  3. Discuss what gave you the motivation to create this piece

Maximum length of video: 3 minutes

3. Photos of your entry:

High res photos of all sides of your entry (up to four photos)

4. Upload a Photo of your favorite designer and explain why he or she is your favorite in the essay during registration.
Naming Your Uploads

Naming your photos: e.g.: in the example below I’m uploading three photos using this format:

“last name”_”first name”_”photo1, photo2, photo3” and video: “last name”_”first name”_”video”

Examples Photos Upload File Names

Example Video Upload File Name

  • Photo #1   photo1.jpg
  • Video: or video..mp4
  • Photo #2   photo2.jpg
  • Photo #3   photo3.jpg
5. Headshot photo:

Please upload a headshot of you. A professional version is not required.

Example Headshot Upload File Name

Headshot:  headshot.jpg