The Thea Foundation is proud to announce the new Thea’s Art Closet.

To date, Thea’s Art Closet has given close to $1.2 million in art supplies to over 402 schools around the state, providing nearly 230,000 students with high quality art supplies.

Last year, the Thea Foundation partnered with Donors Choose, a non-profit built on connecting philanthropists and other organization’s donations to those in need. This partnership will be renewed again this up-coming school year. Donors Choose will afford teachers the opportunity to apply for matching mini grants given by the Thea Foundation which will then be used to purchase supplies needed to carry out creative lesson plans.

The New Art Closet offers two ways of providing Arts Supplies to our schools in Arkansas. The DonorsChoose mini grants and the Whole School Visual Arts grants. Here is how they work:


Thea’s Art Closet Mini Grants

These mini grants support teachers who use creativity in their classrooms to motivate their
students to learn the curriculum more deeply and learn to believe in themselves.









Thea’s Art Closet – Visual Arts Matching Grants

Visual Arts Matching Grants are designed to provide a years worth of high quality art supplies art teachers who have low or no support from their schools.  Thea knows that the creative experiences provided by high quality art supplies motivate students to believe in themselves and enjoy going to school. 







Thea’s Art Closet Accomplishments Since 2006

A quality education should include courses that teach students self-expression through the visual and performing arts.  Students gain confidence in these subjects, and this confidence is invaluable to them for their success in other subject areas as well.

Many teachers receive an allotted budget that is too small for purchasing the necessary materials for teaching class and must use money out of their own pockets to supplement what they need.  And then there are some art teachers who do not even get a budget.  We feel this is due to a lack of understanding as to the significance of the Arts in the educational process.

So to this end, the THEA Foundation’s Thea’s Art Closet program is designed to help provide adequate art supplies for public school art teachers.  We hope to create public awareness that will move this issue into higher priorities in the education system of Arkansas.

Value of Art Supplies Delivered:  $914,500
Number of Schools Receiving Art Supplies:  386
Number of Student Affected:  188,310



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