2013 Visual Arts Winners

My Love for You Is Deathless by Alli Wilson, Morrilton High School, 1st place, 2013 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition for seniors.

The Thea Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its 2013 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition for high school seniors, and its Visual Arts Competition for high school juniors, which were both finalized by a panel of qualified judges at the Thea Center on Saturday, January 19, 2013.  245 seniors and 75 juniors representing over sixty Arkansas schools submitted artworks of any medium based on the theme, “Soldiers in Uniform,” taken from Thea Kay Leopoulos’s journal entry.  Participants competed for a combined total of $25,000 in scholarships for seniors and $1,000 in cash prizes for juniors Thea awards annually in the visual arts category.     

The Thea Foundation is so proud of all the students who participated in the competitions.  To show its recognition of the students’ hard work and talent, Thea is exhibiting the winning students’ artworks in Thea’s annual Visual Arts Competition Winners Show, on display January 28 through March 24.

The winners of Thea’s 2013 Visual Arts Scholarship Competition for seniors are as follows:

First Place – $4,000            Alli Wilson                    Morrilton High School
Second Place – $3,500        Sarah Rudd                  Batesville High School    
Third Place – $3,000           Isaac Moya                   Arkansas High School
Fourth Place – $2,500        Catherine Bostwick        Little Rock Christian Academy
Fifth Place – $2,000           Jennie Phillips                Magnolia High School    
Sixth Place – $2,000          Madeline Lowe               Bentonville High School    
Seventh Place – $2,000      Livia Pierce                    Conway High School
Eighth Place – $2,000         Sarah Hutson                Little Rock Christian Academy
Ninth Place – $2,000          Ashleigh West                Lake Hamilton High School
Tenth Place – $2,000         Grace Badger                 Conway High School
Honorable Mention            Rachel Avery                  Caddo Hills High School
Honorable Mention            Bailey Bevans                 North Little Rock High School
Honorable Mention            Rebekah Cooley              Paris High School
Honorable Mention            Ryan Michaelis                Shiloh Christian School
Honorable Mention            Morgan Thompson           Paris High School

The winners of Thea’s 2013 Visual Arts Competition for juniors are as follows:

First Place – $100          Haley Jones            Little Rock Christian Academy
Second Place – $100      Daniel Gann           Beebe High School    
Third Place – $100         Taylor Ferguson      Little Rock Christian Academy
Fourth Place – $100       Ashton Brown         North Little Rock High School
Fifth Place – $100          Steven Switzer       Mountain Home High School    
Sixth Place – $100         Mackenzie Turner    North Little Rock High School    
Seventh Place – $100    Seoyoung Kim         Bryant High School
Eighth Place – $100       Jackson Lake           Harding Academy
Ninth Place – $100        Cameron Colbert      Pulaski Academy
Tenth Place – $100        Ashley Broadway     Sylvan Hills High School
Honorable Mention        Erin Bell                  Little Rock Christian Academy
Honorable Mention        Yasmin Newman      Pulaski Academy
Honorable Mention        Caroline Pinson        eStem Charter High School
Honorable Mention        Faith Serrano          Mountain Home High School
Honorable Mention        Jordan Tribble         El Dorado High School 


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